Is HGH Legal in USA? Know Whether It Is Legal Or Illegal To Use

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2017)

Since its use in 1950s, HGH has helped children with development problems but at the same time it has stayed under the radar until when Dr Daniel Rudman said in the New England Journal of Medicine that the men taking HGH reduced body fat by about 14.4% while at the same time increasing the lean muscle mass by about 8.8%.

With HGH being the hormone made and produced in the pituitary gland, the Food and Drug Administration cannot say much about its natural production in the body. But it can surely say about manufactured or synthetic versions of HGH. The level of growth hormone in our body declines rapidly as we advance in age and this can provide adverse effects. In 50s, doctors used HGH from the cadavers in patients but soon discovered that while it did work, many of HGH batches were actually contaminated with the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease causing agents.

Then by 1985, synthetic versions of HGH were available by prescription. The hormone

Is HGH Legal

Is HGH Legal

was to be utilized for treating growth related deficiencies, Prader-Willi syndrome, Turner’s syndrome and other chronic renal insufficiencies. A lot of companies also started advertising about HGH helping chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia as well as obesity.

The laws that concern use of HGH are a bit confusing because they differ from one state to another. But the underlying theme in every state’s law is actually the same i.e. to possess and use HGH legally. For this, the person needs prescription from a medical practitioner or physician who has diagnosed the individual with growth hormone deficiency. In fact, GH is the prescription-only medication that should be taken only after consulting your doctor.

You should also have proper knowledge about legality of possessing as well as using HGH. It is very important to have knowledge of laws distribution of growth hormone. Using this knowledge, you can ensure that the physician from whom you receive HGH is legally providing the medication and that the prescription is legal as well as valid.

HGH is surely on top of the list when it comes to making some headlines. As per the coroner, HGH was seen in Anna Nicole Smith’s body when she died. Also, Sylvester Stallone was arrested who was accused of having 48 vials of HGH in his luggage. His lawyers entered a plea to the charge by the end of that month.

Generally, the unfiltered HGH is believed to be illegal almost at all places in the first world due to its potential adverse effects on the body, provided its use in the long term. What actually makes things murkier is the fact that sometimes it is not totally clear as to what the laws state about HGH and so you need to have knowledge about the rules in your state in order to use HGH legally.

While there are a lot of companies out in the market that sell HGH and other products legally, HGH is readily available with a prescription. Even if some company is providing it in the form of a dietary supplement, without the prescription, it is illegal to use HGH. FDA also prohibits distribution and possession of HGH without having any medical problem.

With all problems linked with reduced levels of HGH in our body such as thinning of skin, reduced body mass and reduced exercising capacity, it is simple to see why a lot of people are eager to start the HGH routine. People are now starting to believe that growth hormone will counteract aging process. Also, while science seems to be backing this, FDA has not performed many tests on the same. People who look into HGH as the possible athletic enhancer, the idea is that HGH gives similar results to workouts like increased muscle mass etc. without doing any extra work.

There are some risks involved with HGH as well. The prescription versions have had some reports of swelling in the feet and hands. The pain is generally very minimal and can be easily cured using the analgesics. Another problem that is linked to HGH is Carpal tunnel syndrome but this takes place when HGH is taken at a very high dose. Some other possible side effects of HGH can be insulin resistance and so the glucose level needs to be monitored along with the thyroid function.

Moving further, HGH is totally legal when it is prescribed by a licensed medical professional for valid medical purposes. In the United States, there are tough guidelines and rules for HGH prescriptions though. In many cases, the doctor will do a blood test. Blood testing is basically performed to determine the deficiency of GH in your body. When the deficiencies are detected and symptoms diagnosed, the doctor may give you a prescription.

A lot of studies also suggest that HGH enhances the lean muscle mass to a great extent and reduces the excessive body fat. As a consequence, it is also abused by the professional athletes and bodybuilders. Its use is also checked by sporting authorities and organizations including the International Olympic Committee.


There are indeed a lot of HGH products available in the market- both online and offline that claim to boost the HGH level in a natural way. These HGH products do not have any actual HGH in it but contains amino acids, herbs and other ingredients that in turn enhance the natural level of HGH production in the body. They are legal as well as officially permitted and can be taken with a prescription as per the medical condition of the user. So if you are using any HGH prescription, it is vital to know where and how that HGH has been obtained and that you are getting it legally. It is also important to note that improper distribution of growth hormone is a federal offense in the US and it carries high penalties.

In fact, HGH is a great contribution to medical science. This is available with various health benefits like improvement in fitness level and improved muscle growth. But before using HGH, you need to know all necessary details regarding growth hormone. HGH is also legal in the military but under some specific conditions.

Some FDA Approved Legal HGH Supplements

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